Vilamoura Champions Tour


Following the success of the Vilamoura Atlantic Tour 2013 (February-April), in which Silvestre Festas was present in all Tents and structures necessary to hold the event, the organizers were committed to make Vilamoura "the city" of show jumping competitions. The Vilamoura Champions Tour event lasted for three weeks with International trials (a scoring competition for the international ranking was held each day), New Horse and Amateurs.

Once again, the best horse riders in the world were at Vilamoura as had already happened this same year during the months of February, March and April at the Vilamoura Atlantic Tour. Among those present (over 500 horses, 250 horsemen of 28 countries and a permanent population of 1200 people), were the current world champion holder, Phillipe Le Jeune, who trained for the first time in Portugal.
Silvestre Festas has been following the organization of this event as already happened with the Atlantic tour in the past, when it was held either at Vilamoura or at Comporta.