Climate Control


This is an element that Silvestre Festas wanted to develop, given the fact that comfort is more and more a priority for our customers’ events.

We have a team specialised in power and cooling solutions. This very specific work is critical to the safety and functioning of any event.

We elaborate the electrical plans that the customer needs and make the necessary power distribution, from the simple jack to connect the coffee machine, to the more complex system of parallel operation of generators and the public network available. Our main goal is to create the necessary conditions so that the safety of your event is never jeopardized.

Climate control can be done through heat turbines or air conditioning.

Heat turbines are commonly used for heating large spaces within a short time, whereas air conditioning is used to regulate the temperature (hot or cold) more evenly and also renew the saturated air.

Another way to climatise large structures is through tubing that carries the conditioned air, releasing it in a downward direction, along the entire length of the space. This climatisation is often used as a supplement to the effect of splits that are already installed inside the same structure.

We also install air curtains to ensure that no dust or insects come through the open access points, that there is no loss of either cold or heat and no superfluous energy costs.

Silvestre Festas also has a specialised team to provide technical assistance before and during the event, so that the environment is always maintained according to the customer’s needs.
For a perfect job and high quality, a certified electrician supervises all assemblies made by our professional team. We have broad experience in this area with events such as Rock in Rio, 24h TMN, A1 GP, Historic Grand Prix of Oporto, Oporto WTCC, and World Rally Championship, among many others.

Safety and responsibility are a priority for Silvestre Festas.