This was the base which catapulted Silvestre Festas in the 1990s to supply large volumes to the automotive world.

We started by renting all the equipment necessary to serve 5,000 meals a day when the world’s top motorsport event, Formula 1, came to Portugal.

We were, at the time, the company with the largest stock of supplies available to accommodate the exceptionally numerous audience who visited our country during the race.

We still have a varied supply of tables, chairs, tableware and kitchen equipment, as well as all the other elements that dignify and add-up to such an event.

Today we are driven to develop increasingly diversified decorative options to meet the needs of all audiences. We have a wide array of colours and patterns for table cloths, excellent lighting combinations, the best technology and design in the most varied products. We offer the possibility of specific contracts for design and exclusive decorations for events that strive for originality.