Portuguese Association against Leukaemia


A wave of solidarity against leukaemia swept through the Atlantic Pavilion (Lisbon) on 19 April. The Portuguese Association against Leukaemia (APLC), together with the RTP, and PT, organised several activities to collect donations to help patients with leukaemia in Portugal.

This partnership resulted in a special live broadcast on RTP1 on 19 April called Solidarity to the Marrow. From 10:00 and 19:00, the programme was hosted by Tania Ribas de Oliveira and João Baião live from the Park of Nations (Parque das Nações).
In a moment of great solidarity, numerous artists performed in the Atlantic Pavilion, giving all the ticket money to the Portuguese Association against Leukaemia in a concert called Spring of Life (A Primavera da Vida).
Silvestre Festas had the privilege to support this noble and special cause.

The solidary auction took place in the APCL tent, courtesy of Silvestre Festas. In the APCL tent, Serenela Andrade welcomed and registered the donations and accompanied the more than 100 people who registered as potential marrow donors that day.

Please give your support through Nº. +351 760 20 70 80 (value-added call €0.60 + VAT)
or via http://www.apcl.pt/como-ajudar