Casino Lisboa Opening


In April 2006, a new casino opened in Lisbon.

Silvestre Festas placed at the entrance of the grand inauguration event, a fine example of a completely transparent Truss structure, where the Economy Minister Manuel Pinho and the main shareholder of Estoril-Sol Stanley Ho addressed the more than 600 guests who gathered there.
The Silvestre Festas structure was visited by various public figures and politicians, such as Morais Sarmento, José Luís Arnaut, and Rui Gomes da Silva; personalities from the artistic world, such as actor Raul Solnado and TV host Herman José; and businessmen such as executive chairman of Portugal Telecom, Miguel Horta e Costa.
The Truss structure also had a leading role in the event’s entertainment, which came from the ‘air’ where a group of French artists played while hanging from a crane suspended from the outside of the structure. The guests attending the show looked up through the completely transparent PVC with perfect visibility.